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As not only long-term but also short-term rental options are increasingly offered, it is natural for landlords to look for innovative ways that can ensure security, durability and at the same time simplicity. Solutions for hotels that make it easier to keep track of lock functions are innovative, so everyone can find what works best for them according to their needs and capabilities. Solutions for hotels online are becoming more innovative, so try what gives you more comfort. Vairema.lt - for your convenience. The right solutions for hotels - will improve the quality of business.

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Hotellide lahendused Vilniuje: Verkių g. 46, Vilnius („Medžio centro“ pastatas). Žr.žemėlapyje

Hotellide lahendused Šiauliuose: Vytauto g. 110, Šiauliai. Žr.žemėlapyje

Hotellide lahendused Panevėžyje: Vasario 16-osios g. 26, Panevėžys. Žr.žemėlapyje

Hotellide lahendused Kaune: Pramones pr. 4E, Kaunas. Žr.žemėlapyje

Hotellide lahendused Klaipėdoje: Paryžiaus Komunos g. 25A, Klaipėda. Žr.žemėlapyje

Hotellide lahendused Rygoje: Kurzemes prospektā 23, Rīgā, LV-1067, Latvija. Žr.žemėlapyje